Daven Borlen is currently publishing non-fiction in three areas, two of which are quite broad, one less so.  One such area would be considered long form prose.  This area would include investigative analyses, biopics, histories, interviews and even memoirs.  A second very broad area could be given the appellation Idea Propagation.  Works in this area would include opinion pieces, dissertations, proposals for ideas.  None of the works in this area would need to be peer reviewed, necessarily.  The final area would include compendia of information, whether serious or amusing.

Things to consider when working with Daven:

  • We are seeking works from 100,000 to 200,000 words, we will not consider work less than 70,000 words in length.
  • While a literary agent is not required for submission, we will not consider manuscripts that are currently on submission to another publisher, nor do we engage in title auctions.
  • Our royalty rate is set at $1.00 per unit sold. We will acquire World English rights along with other primary and secondary rights we have a history of licensing. Our standard duration is 20 years.
  • While Advances Against Royalties may be offered at Daven Borlen’s own initiative, we are generally not an advance paying Publisher.
  • Our marketing and publicity activities are Company and Author focused. We look for work that will fit in well with our audience, so that we can continue to focus on the development of our core readers, without needing to reinvent the wheel each time we bring on a new voice.
  • We only accept electronic queries.

Who is our target audience, and how does that relate to the work we are looking for?

Daven Borlen is focused on the exchange or ideas for a well educated, well connected individual from 25 to 55. Our target readers tend to be married and evenly split by gender, it is safe to say that they possess moderate to above average incomes.

This information is important as it helps to play a vital role in what we are looking for. Our aquisitive focus is on the growth of a list of superior work that meets the needs to of this audience’s socio-economic demographics.

We value, educated analysis, well thought out plots with compelling characters and significant growth and thought. We look for highly intelligent Authors and Staff Writers able to produce powerful work of a high caliber. While many of our authors come from Academia, our literary nature seeks incredible storytellers who understand the intricacies of a well crafted novel.

How to query Daven Borlen for the best results.

If you feel that your work fits within the scope of work our audiences would enjoy, we invite you to submit a Query Letter discussing your qualifications on the subject matter, a brief treatment by chapter or detailed synopsis of the work, and complete contact information.

To begin the consideration process emails may be sent to pvicary[at]whorde[dot]com

Please ensure that you label your email subject line as QUERY: Last Name – Title


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